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BFCA LIBRARY of resources available to Foster Carers to borrow  are listed below. 

New Books

  • 12 Projects Promoting Young People's Mental Health in Schools
  • A Delightful Childrens Story that Promotes Kindness to Animals
  • A Guide to Happiness in Young People on the Autism Spectrum
  • A guide to helping young people talk about self-harm
  • A guide to life work for social workers foster carers and adopters
  • A must read for counselors working with gender variant youth
  • A Practical Guide to Therapeutic Work with Asylum Seekers and Refugees
  • A practical parenting guide by Kim Golding to nurture security and attachment
  • A Sad and Sorry State of Disorder
  • A therapeutic children's series about how to recover from scary experiences
  • A Therapeutic Picture Book About Grief for Children Aged 3+
  • A Therapeutic Treasure Deck of Feelings and Sentence Completion Cards
  • All About Me - Introducing children to autism
  • An Employer
  • Assessing Adoptive Parents
  • Attachment and Emotional Development in the Classroom
  • Attachment-Based Milieus for Healing Child and Adolescent Developmental Trauma
  • Autism Awareness week 2018
  • Bereaved Parents and their Continuing Bonds
  • Building Continuing Bonds for Grieving and Bereaved Children
  • Child Protection in the Early Years
  • Children's books for conquering emotional monsters
  • Children's services aren't placing enough emphasis on life work with adopted and fostered children
  • Coming Home to Autism
  • Creating Compassionate Foster Care
  • DBT Therapeutic Activity Ideas for Working with Teens
  • Developing Resilience in Children on the Autism Spectrum
  • Developing Resilience in Young People with Autism using Social Stories(tm)
  • Drinking Drug Use and Addiction in the Autism Community
  • Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2018 Newsletter
  • Eliminate prejudices and encourage inclusion in young children aged 4-8
  • Forgiveness is Really Strange
  • frightened distrurbed dangerous
  • Fun lesson plans to help primary school children with SEN improve their English skills
  • Giving Children a Voice
  • Help for teens with Asperger's to tackle their difficulties  thrive
  • Helping Babies and Children Aged 0
  • How can adults support sensitive boys who don't conform to male stereotypes
  • How can we help children with SEND to process loss and grief
  • How can we help young people to understand bipolar disorder
  • How to help children build a positive body image
  • How to help children starve their exam stress gremlin
  • How to Kiss Goodbye to Ana
  • How to Understand Your Gender
  • I Have a Question about Divorce
  • Innovative Therapeutic Life Story Work
  • Is it possible to raise children free of sexist stereotypes
  • January Education Newsletter - books to aid your teaching and support young people's mental health
  • LGBT Adoption and Fostering Week
  • Mental Health Highlights 2017
  • Mploy  A Job Readiness Workbook
  • Nanny you do know I'm a girl don't you
  • New from CoramBAAF Publications - Dealing with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
  • New to the bestselling therapeutic parenting book series by Sarah Naish and Rosie Jefferies
  • On Being an Introvert or Highly Sensitive Person
  • Out of the Madhouse
  • Parenting with Theraplay to nurture a closer bond with your child
  • Picture cards available from CoramBAAF Publications
  • Protecting Children and Adults from Abuse After Savile
  • Resource Library Books in Office 2017
  • Revealing the Inner World of Traumatised Children
  • Rewriting the classic fairy-tale to help children understand same-sex relationships
  • Robin and the White Rabbit
  • Safeguarding Adults Under the Care Act 2014
  • Self-help exercises to help older children manage anxiety from bestselling author Dawn Huebner
  • September Education newsletter
  • Social Networking Guides from CoramBAAF Publications
  • Social Work Highlights 2017
  • Sometimes I Feel Sad
  • Sulky Rowdy Rude Why kids really act out and what to do about it
  • Supporting bereavement and loss in special schools
  • Supporting Emotional Regulation in Students with Autism
  • Talking with Your Child about Their Autism Diagnosis
  • Teaching Pre
  • The Art Activity Book for Psychotherapeutic Work
  • The ASD and Me Picture Book
  • The ASD Feel Better Book
  • The essential guide for parents of transgender teens
  • The first book to explore ch 

  1. Parenting a Child Affected by Sexual Abuse Biddy Youell 
  2. Parenting a Child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Brian Jacobs & Lorna Miles
  3. A Short introduction to Helping Young People Manage Anxiety Carol Fitzpatrick
  4. A Simple Guide to Child Trauma Betsy De Thierry
  5. Mindfulness for Carers Dr Cherly Rezek
  6. Keeping Foster Children Safe online John Degarmo
  7. The Boy Who Built A Wall around himself Ali Redford
  8. What To Do about Smearing Kate E Reynolds
  9. Lifestory Books For Fostered and Adopted Children Joy Rees
  10. Digital Kids – How to Balance Screen Time and why it matters Martin L Kutscher
  11. Improving Sensory Processing in Traumatized Children Sarah Llyodd
  12. First Steps in Parenting the Child Who Hurts Tiddlers & Toddlers Caroline Archer
  13. Next Steps in Parenting the Child Who Hurts Tykes & Teens Caroline Archer
  14. A Short Introduction to Understanding and Supporting Children & Young Carol Fitzpatrick
  15. People who Self Harm
  16. Trauma, Attachment and Family Permanence Carol Archer & Alan Fear Can Stop You Loving Burnell
  17. Sulky,Rowdy,Rude Bo Hejlskov Elven & Tina Williams
  18. A Practical Guide to Fostering Law Lynn Davis 
  19. Fostering Regulations Child Care Law and the Youth Justice System
  20. Nurturing Attachments- Supporting Children who are Fostered or Adopted Kim S Golding
  21. Helping Vulnerable Children and Adolescents to Stay Safe Katie Wrench
  22. Can I Tell You About Gender Diversity Olly Pike
  23. We Need to Talk About Pornography Vanessa Rogers
  24. Ages 11-19 with Photocopiable Material
  25. One of the Family – A Handbook for Kinship Carers Hedi Argent 
  26. Keeping them in the Family – Outcomes for children placed in Kinship Care Joan Hunt,Suzette through Care Proceedings Waterhouse and Eleanor Lutman
  27. Supporting Kinship Placements Heidi Argent 
  28. The Complete Guide To Aspergers Syndrome Tony Attwood
  29. Secret Secret- Child’s Book Keep or Tell Daisy Law
  30. Getting Sorted – Your Health, relationships, home, rights and your stuff Rebecca Davidson & Henrietta Bond 
  31. Getting Sorted More- Education, work, health, Independence and your home Rebecca Davidson & Henrietta Bond 
  32. A short Guide to Attachment and Attachment Disorder Colby Pearce
  33. The Creation of Imaginary Worlds Claire Golomb
  34. The Role of Art,Magic & Dreams in Child Development 
  35. Child Development for Child Care and Protection Workers Brigid Daniel, Sally Wassell and Robbie Gilligan 
  36. How To Detect Developmental Delay and What to Do Next Mary MountstephenThe Primal Wound – Understanding the Adopted Child Nancy Newton Verrier
  37. Care or Control – Foster Care for Young People on Remand Jo Lipscombe 
  38. My Child Has Autism Now What – 10 steps to Get Started Susan Larson Kidd 
  39. The Emotional Well-Being of Young People Seeking Asylum in the UK Elaine Chase,Abigail Knight and June Statham
  40. Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Parenting a Child with an Invisible Disability Julia Brown & Dr Mary Mather
  41. Preparing Care Leavers Henrietta Bond
  42. Black Children in Care - Health Hair & Skin Denise Lewis & Flora AwolajaVoice 1 & 2 Birmingham children & Young People In Care – Poetry book BCC CIC
  43. Bullying -Beat It West Midlands Police Real Boys Workbook William s Pollack PHD & The Definitive Guide to Understanding and interacting with boys of all ages Kathleen Cushman
  44. Chosen - Living with Adoption essays & Poetry Pearlita Harris
  45. Losing Control Henrietta Bond Young Children’s Rights Second Edition Pricilla Alderson
  46. Kissing the rain Kevin Brooks
  47. Finding A family for Tommy Rebecca Daniel
  48. Dennis and the Big Decisions Paul Sambrooks
  49. Chester and Daisy Move on Angela Lidster
  50. Dennis Duckling Paul Sambrooks
  51. Picnic In the Park Joe Griffiths & Tony Pilgrim
  52. Access to information for Post Care Adults Julia Feast 
  53. A guide for Social Workers and Access to RECORDS Officers (ARO’S)
  54. The New Fostering Standards, Regulations & Statutory Guidance Nick Dunster
  55. The New Adoption Standards, Regulations & Statutory Guidance Nick Dunster
  56. Foster Care & Social Networking – A Guide for Social Workers & Foster Carers Eileen Fursland
  57. Supporting Children’s Learning – A Training Programme for Foster Carers Clare Pallett, John Simmonds and Andrea Warman 
  58. Relative Benefits Placing Children in Kinship Care Bob Broad & Alison Skinner
  59. Effective Fostering Panels Good Practice Sarah Borthwick & Jenifer Lord
  60. Recipes for Fostering Dr Andrea Warman
  61. Nutmeg Gets Adopted Judith Foxon
  62. What Do We Think bout Adoption Jillian Powell
  63. Tyler Wishes –Children waiting to be placed for Adoption Helen Khan
  64. Tia’s Wishes – Children waiting to be placed for Adoption Helen Khan
  65. Early Support:
  66. Information for Parents – Autism Spectrum Disorders and 
  67. Related Conditions 
  68. Information for Parents Speech and Language Difficulties
  69. Real Boys – Rescued our Son from the Myths of Boyhood William Pollack PHD
  70. Real Boys Voices – drugs, sex, violence, bullying, sports,girls, school, Parents William Pollack PHD
  71. Forever Fingerprints – An Amazing Discovery for Adopted Children Sherrie Eldridge
  72. William Wobbly and the very bad day – Therapeutic Parenting Sarah Naish & Rosie Jeffries
  73. Sophie Spikey Has A very Big Problem –Therapeutic Parenting Sarah Naish & Rosie Jeffries 
  74. Taste of Asia Recipes The British Heart Foundation
  75. Taste of the Caribbean Recipes The British Heart Foundation
  76. The Foster Carers Handbook Ann Wheal with Meral Mehmet
  77. Lifestory Work Tony Ryan and Rodger Walker
  78. A Practical Guide to Helping Children Understand their pastA toolkit for engaging with Disabled Children & Young People The Children’s Society & BCC
  79. Safeguarding Disabled Children Practice Guidance Department for children, schools and families
  80. IRO Handbook Department for children,
  81. schools and families
  82. Seeds of Hope Bereavement and Loss Activity Book Caroline Jay 
  83. Helping Children and Young People Cope with Change through Nature Positive Body Image for Kids Dr Ruth MacConville
  84. A Strengths-Based Curriculum for children aged 7-11 
  85. Safer Caring a New Approach Jacky Slade 
  86. Beat Bullying Pat Doorbar 
  87. Working with Looked After Children to overcome threatening behaviour
  88. Framework for the Assessment of Children In Need and their Families Department of Health 
  89. 30 Years of Childcare Practice and Research an overview Roger Bullock & John – Adoption & Fostering Simmonds


Insurance – Information for Foster Carers Fostering Network
Record Keeping - Information for Foster Carers Fostering Network
Allegations – Information for Foster Carers Fostering Network
Working with Social Workers-Information for Foster Carers Fostering Network
Benefits – Information for Foster Carers Fostering Network
Income Tax & Insurance – Information for Foster Carers Fostering Network 

Supporting Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children Fostering Network
Information for Foster Carers
Young People in Public Care – Education BCC advisory & Support Service A Quick Guide for Carers
Caring for Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children/Young People BAAF
from Eritrea

Caring for Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children /Young People BAAF
Options for Kinship Carers ( England & Wales) BAAF
How to choose and Use Fire Extinguishers for the home Home Office
Kinship Care What It Is What It Means BAAF

Kinship Care Some Questions Answered BAAF
Sorted and Supported Leaving Care Doesn’t have To Be A struggle Voice
My Family Fosters A Handbook for Sons and Daughters of Foster Fostering Network

Stranger Danger Anne Fine
The Role of Male Carers in Adoption & Fostering BAAF
Guidelines For The Testing of Looked After Children who are BAAF
at Risk of Blood-Borne Infection

Adoption From Abroad of a Relative Child BAAF 

GenetIc Testing and Adoption BAAF
Reducing the Risks of Environmental Tobacco Smoke for Looked BAAF
After Children and their Carers

Research in Practice for Adults Frontline Briefing Geraldine Nosowska
Adult attachment implications for adult Social Care Practice 

British Dyslexia Association Information BDSA

Working With Asylum Seeker Children Information Reconstruct 

Moving Children On Information Trinity Training 

Let’s Fight It Together Department for Children,
Schools & Families 

You’re Safe Now BCC

Can you find Room in your life Adoption & Fostering Team 

Supporting Autism Spectrum Disorder in inclusive Schools BCC Learning & Culture 

Leaning the Language – Building relationships with people Phoebe Caldwell
with Severe Learning Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder and other Challenging behaviours 

Fostering Information BCC

Staying Put H.M.Government 

Contact Making Good Decisions for Children in Public Law Frontline 

Cerebra Positively Different – Learning Disabilities, Autism Elizabeth Archer

and Internet Safety. A Parent’s Guide

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