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18/04/2018  Invitation to your carers to attend a focus group with the DfE

Hi All

Please see the email below. we thought this may be of  use to those of you who foster children in this  age range.

If you do attend please feedback to us all as to how you got on x

Dear colleague

FosterTalk aims to bring any issues concerning fostering to your carers, through Have your Say.

Last year, this included the Government’s decision to extend the provision of 15 hours additional childcare for looked after children aged three and four years old.

FosterTalk took these views to the Government and as a result the Department for Education would like to speak to foster carers about how this will work in practice.

We are holding a focus group on behalf of the Department for Education on Thursday 19th April 2018 from 11am to 1pm at the FosterTalk office in Bromsgrove.

The Department for Education are specifically looking to speak with foster carers who this will affect, or who have had particular experience with looking after 2, 3 and 4 year olds. They are also interested in speaking with kinship carers and those foster carers who would like to take employment outside of their role as a foster carer.

Your carers are invited to take part and this event will be advertised to them.

Alternatively, if you know of any foster carers who would be interested in attending (either in person or via webinar link), please contact enquiries@fostertalk.org or call 01527 836 910 to book their place. Please note places are limited.

18/04/2018 Tell us why you foster for Birmingham!

Hi All

Please find below the survey the Birmingham Children’s Trust has sent to all Foster Carers.   Given that this is a new venture for us all, I would encourage you to fill in the questionnaire as this is your individual opportunity to be part of the changes and improvements to the delivery of service to Foster Carers.

We need to take this opportunity to tell the Trust where we see a problem and what we suggest would improve this (you have got to be in it to win it).   So please this is your opportunity to tell the Trust what will make a difference going forward for Foster Carers and therefore ultimately for the children we all care for.

I myself have completed and returned mine as I believe you have to practice what you preach. 


Kind Regards

Deloris Collett MBE

Chairperson for the BFCA

Dear Foster Carers

From April 1st 2018 Birmingham Children’s Social Care formally became Birmingham Children’s Trust!  As part of this move we have made a commitment to work closer with our foster carers, to engage with you more and to ask for your views to improve what we do.

Birmingham uses both internal foster carers like yourselves and external foster carers from agencies to place our children and young people.  We would like to increase our number of internal fosters carers so we can have a closer relationship with them.  We have many children to care for, so increasing our internal carers would not change your fostering position.  We would like to learn from your experiences to support others.


We would also like to look at increasing our use of social media, so we are asking you a few questions about your communication preferences. 

This is the first of opportunity of many moving forward when we will be seeking your views and feedback.  The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and closes on Sunday 22nd April.  It is anonymous so no one will know what individuals have said.  Thank you for your support and help. 


Click here to Complete Survey

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